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144fx.com Taught me how to trade!!!

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by 144fx.com, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Jun 9, 2009
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    I just went to a site called 144fx.com. It was a big buzz about all over the internet in the forex community. So I went to go and check it out to see what all it was all about. It was more then I expected. They actually teach you how to trade!!! It has live trading rooms, by the minute market news, and free trade signals. They even have a forex school that goes from kindergarten to a college level. Also they offer the option of having your money being traded by seasoned professionals. They have a multitude of trading systems to choose from.

    There's this cool guy by the name of the Money Shaman, he's like the head trader. He has lots of cool pictures and videos about his life of wealthy, and he even has his trading account statement. This guy actually took $800,00 into $2,000,000 plus in less then 9 months!!! Their live chat rooms that actually let you follow the Money Shaman and watch his trades in real-time. You can actually see his computer monitor and see what he is doing. they also have audio so you can hear recommendations. Theres have a contest were they give away $144. each day for there twitter.com/144fx followers. This site is for real. The walking you to the whole trading process from A-Z, while guided by trained professionals. While you at it, go to the social networking section, so you can talk to other traders. Hands down 144fx.com is the best site in the net for forex trading.

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