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Best Forex AutoTrading Systems - Over 5,902 Trading Systems

Discussion in 'Signal Services & Software' started by prav, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. prav

    prav Moderator
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    Apr 28, 2007
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    What is a trading system?

    A "trading system" is a set of rules or computer algorithms which decide when to buy or sell, and what to buy or sell. Trading systems (sometimes called "black boxes") replace emotion and instinct in trading. Many hedge funds use trading systems to guide their trading.

    Choose a trading system and then have trades placed automatically in your brokerage account!

    Subscribe to the best forex trading systems. Real proven track records available!

    Proven forex trading systems for auto trading. See the Real Trading Records Yourself.

    AutoTrade at these Compatible Brokers:

    If you can find your broker on the list below, then you can AutoTrade any system in your brokerage account.
    * ADM Investor Services
    * Advantage Futures
    * Advantage Futures
    * Alaron Trading
    * Avail Trading
    * Forex.com
    * FuturePath Trading
    * FuturesBetting.com (non USA only)
    * FXCM
    * Gain Capital
    * Global Futures
    * Goldenberg Hehmeyer & Co (Penson)
    * IFX
    * Infinity Brokerage Services
    * Interactive Brokers
    * Lind-Waldock
    * MB Trading
    * Mirus Futures
    * Open E Cry
    * Open E Cry
    * OptionsXpress
    * Any firm using Patsystems (J-Trader)
    * ProActive Futures
    * Rand Financial
    * Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG)
    * Spike Trading
    * Striker Securities
    * Any firm using Trading Technologies
    * vCapFutures
    * Velocity Futures
    * Zaner

    More brokers are being added every week.

    Visit Here:
    :wave: Forex AutoTrading Systems - Collective2
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  2. prav

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    Trading System Mojo - June 2008


    Maciej Golinski's trading system, Have Fun, has become the top future trading system on C2. "I'd rather miss a bargain than lose my hard-earned money," Golinski says.

    Fourth, I try to be moderate and use common sense. I always keep in mind that the market is ruled by fear and greed. I try to prevent these emotions from controlling me. If I need to sit on the sidelines, I do. I'd rather miss a bargain than lose my hard-earned money.
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    Apr 29, 2009
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    Thank you for sharing your information.
    It was really very helpful for me. i have a link about this topic, i give you and you just check it,i think it is benefit for you.
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  4. PipSniper

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    Nov 23, 2013
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    its live account started with 3k and now reached over 45K including withdrawal which is 2k monthly withdrawal,
    i have traded with oanda 50:1 leverage No Hedging Allowed for US traders, it is hard to make money with that kind of broker,
    so US traders are always welcome,
    i trade Short term to medium term, check my live trading history of 2 years
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    if you looking to get rick quick Formula then you can go and find some one else i don't over leverage my trades, i trade with low leverage make stable income from past 2 years, and some one once said to me
    "" i don't want to see how many pips your make every day i Just Want To See HOW LONG YOU CAN SURVIVE in this MARKET?? ""
    If you are Not Greedy and need stable Profit 10-15% of your capital every month Then Join Us we are Portfolio Managers
    and as you can see we are good at what we do, we trade in 15 forex pairs but in this account from past 6 months we traded only YEN pairs but we trade Majors and Cross pairs,
    We are Money Managers Minimum investment is $5,000 and performance fee is negotiable, but if you are not serious investor and dont have live account please dont waste your time or ours,
    only serious people contact us please
    here is the Proof statements can be fabricated so we show you Live account video here
    and click on setting and make it 720p HD and watch in full screen.
    if not clear then click here for HD video


    Any comments Good or Bad will be appreciated.
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