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Commodity Markets: Create a Strategy Today

Discussion in 'Commodity vs Dollar' started by suhani sahani, Jan 6, 2016.

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    In addition to the concern of China tension between Saudi and Iran have had the benefit of gold. This week, gold has continued steadily. However Comaks gold beyond $ 1080 have not so far and today will release details of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve. Earlier, gold is extremely small in scope, whereas the decline in silver.

    The 2 per cent yesterday after the crude oil is trying to recover. The US Energy Department will report today’s storage. The American Petroleum Institute reported yesterday occurred which stated that US crude oil stocks fell 5.6 million barrels. However, the impact has not yet. The National Iranian Oil Company said that oil supply will increase gradually this year. The company has denied crude oil price war. LME base metals remained subdued. Meanwhile, the rupee has weakened against the dollar.

    MCX gold in the domestic market with a gain of 0.3 per 25 450 is trading at Rs. Silver also rose by 0.2 percent to Rs 33 750 Aspasa doing business. MCX crude oil at about 0.5 per cent is trading at Rs 2,420. Natural gas is also accelerated. MCX Natural Gas is trading at around 3 per cent to Rs 155.8.

    Base metals except lead and zinc metal is seeing faster. With a gain of 0.4 per cent on MCX Aluminium traded at Rs 98.65, while lead has weakened marginally to 0.1 per cent and the price has fallen to Rs 114.1. Zinc fell 0.5 per cent and is trading below Rs 104. With a marginal gain of 0.1 per cent on MCX Copper is trading at Rs 311.4. MCX Nickel is trading at 0.2 per cent at Rs 570.6.

    Soy oil futures on NCDEX Agri commodities slipped 0.8 per cent to Rs 605 has arrived. Much weaker than the 2.5 percent guar gum has come down to Rs 6,200.

    CapitalStars Experts Commodities Investment Advice
    MCX Gold : Buy - 25750, Target – 26000, Stoploss - 25500

    Silver MCX : Buy – 34200 , Target – 34500, Stoploss – 33900

    MCX crude oil : Below - 2360, Target – 2260, Stoploss – 2480

    CapitalStars Experts Investment Advice
    Aluminium MCX (January Futures): Sell – 99.2, Target – 96, Stoploss – 100.3

    Natural Gas MCX (January Futures): BUY – 148, Target – 162, Stoploss – 144.4

    Soy oil NCDEX (January Futures): Sell – 615, Target – 601, Stoploss – 619.5

    Hopefully this series of Share Markets like you’d be coming. You tell us to comment further on the Share Markets what you read and want to know.


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