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dbFX Online Foreign Exchange - dbfx.com

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by prav, Dec 1, 2007.

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    dbFX is Deutsche Bank's online foreign exchange trading platform for
    individuals and small institutions. As the No. 1 FX Bank in the world, Deutsche Bank brings the benefits of the forex market to you.


    Spreads from as Low as 2 Pips
    Trade directly with the FX Market's No. 1 Price Provider
    Privileged Access to Deutsche Bank's Research and Charts
    World-Class Trading Execution in All Market Conditions
    Live Streaming Quotes 24 Hours a Day
    34 Currency Pairs
    Margin Trading with up to 100:1 Leverage
    Open an Account with as little as $5,000 or £2,500

    dbFX at a Glance:
    dbFX is an online Foreign Exchange Trading Service provided by Deutsche Bank AG. You can trade with Deutsche Bank, the
    pre-eminent provider of liquidity in the world's foreign exchange markets.

    Deutsche Bank has Offices in over 73 Different Countries

    Over 64,000 Employees

    More than EUR 1,000 Billion of Assets

    No. 1 Foreign Exchange House in the World in 2005,
    2006, and 2007 (Euromoney)

    Deutsche Bank AG is a major participant in the world's foreign exchange markets. The daily FX notional trading volume is larger than the combined value of the major US, European, and Middle Eastern equity markets. The majority of the activity is focused on the major currencies of the world, the US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, and British pound. The Euro / US dollar pair trades at a greater daily notional trading volume than the New York Stock Exchange. dbFX enables clients to trade the major currency pairs, the crosses, and several of the more important minor currency pairs, for a total of 34 currency pairs.

    The foreign exchange markets are de-centralized, offering different levels of access to various market participants. At the lowest level are individuals making small personal transactions, such as those visiting foreign countries. Their access is through several intermediaries, and as a result, they tend to receive less favorable pricing for transactions. Corporations tend to have better access and pricing, however, they generally access the market through a bank. Small banks deal through larger banks. The larger banks trade through each other and have access to the best pricing. Deutsche Bank AG is the number one bank in the world's foreign exchange market.* When you trade through dbFX, you receive privileged access to the world's foreign exchange market. dbFX is as close to the inter-bank market as a individual trader can be.

    dbFX provides online margin foreign exchange trading services to individuals around the world. Clients have 24-hour online access to the foreign exchange markets through the dbFX Trading Station. The foreign exchange markets trade actively on a continuous basis from Sunday afternoon through Friday night (EST) providing unlimited opportunities to engage in an actively moving market. Deutsche Bank AG clients have the benefits of trading on streaming quotes. The spreads can be as narrow as 2 pips (e.g. on EUR/USD under normal market conditions). dbFX provides competitive pricing and market access with the highest level of client support, including professional services in 9 languages 24 hours a day.

    The dbFX Trading Station Key Features:
    Speed and Size
    Privileged Market Access
    Streaming Real-Time Executable Rates
    Intuitive, Point-and-Click Market Order Technology
    Multiple levels of Customization
    View Account Activity in Real-Time
    Customizable Risk Management


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