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Earn up to 80% rebate from your trade in forex market

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by cashback4x, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. cashback4x

    cashback4x New Member

    Apr 7, 2011
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    When you trade in Forex you pay a fee to your broker. The fee is either included in the spread or as a commission. Brokers use a so called Introducing Brokers to attract customers. As an incentive these brokers are paid a portion of your fees for every trade you make.

    Cashback4x.com is an Introducing Broker that passes most of the money they make back to you as a trader. When signing up with Cashback4x.com you are getting back much of the money you spend on commissions when trading.

    Your spreads will never widen when signing up with Cashback4x.com, they will always remain the same.

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