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Forex Dealing Room

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    For access to more advanced forex charts, please register now, or if you are already an 5StarsForex trader, please log-in to your account.The diagram and forex charts presented here are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect 5StarsForex actual data.


    Join the dealing room
    As a VIP trader you can enjoy all these benefits directly from our dealing room. All you need to qualify for the dealing room service is an account funded with USD 5,000 or more. We ask this of our VIP traders to encourage prudent risk management through a sufficiently funded account. Emaildealingroom@5starsforex.com and let your new personal dealer take care of the rest.

    Personal dealer
    Your personal dealer assists you with your trading strategies, provides you with market information whenever you need it, executes orders at your request and is your direct contact point for anything you may need.

    Exclusive benefits
    Dealing room customers can execute and modify deals over the phone or through online chat and get access to tight, fixed spreads. Customised leverage gives you greater control over your trading strategies and optional rebate programmes are available for frequent traders.

    Professional market reports
    Top traders get market depth and insights from technical analysis provided by Trading Central and fundamental reports from Market News. Find trading ideas and optimise your entry and exit levels with these professional reports

    Professional charting
    Our pro-charting package allows our dealing room clients greater flexibility. Whichever indicators you prefer to use; Bollinger bands, Fibonacci retracements, MACD or RSI, you can overlay them on your charts to create a personalised trading environment.

    Whatever level of trader you are, your personal dealer will customise a training programme to suit you.

    Premium information
    Timely updates on breaking forex news can be essential to your trading success. Dealing room clients get SMS alerts on news that moves the markets. And you can follow our dealing room Twitter

    24 hour support
    The currency markets are open five days a week, and so are we. You can speak with a dealer from the time the market opens at 6am Sydney time to market closing 5pm New York time. During these times, you can speak with a dealer through the dedicated online dealing room chat, by phone and on email.

    JOIN: http://www.5starsforex.com/tools/dealing-room.php

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