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Forex Espionage - 995 Pips in 3 Days ?!?!

Discussion in 'Expert Advisors' started by high_accuracy_robot, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. high_accuracy_robot

    high_accuracy_robot New Member

    May 8, 2009
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    Forex Espionageis one of the latest forex robots created by Steven Lee. So how does it fare among this forex-robot crazed community? Please read on.

    Steven Lee has made his point clear when he created Forex Espionage. That is to help all the newbies to increase their forex profits and reduce their losses. Having already created 5 robots, he has amassed a lot of experiences in the good and bad of forex robot.

    He is determined this time to create a forex robot that could trade as well as the human traders.

    His ideal robot must give you the confidence to let it do its work and more importantly end up profitably every day. To achieve that, he has coded many different instructions to create many strengths into this robot. Two main strengths are the high winning probability and high trading frequency.

    I was honoured to be chosen as one of his reviewers to write a unbiased review about his robot. I was allowed one week to test out his robot and see where the improvements could be made. At that point of time, his loyalty customers were already asking him to send him his robot and skip the salespage altogether !

    Ok, Forex Espionage contains 3 important stuff. The Expert Advisor, the setup manual and a Forex Trading Manual which is created personally Steven Lee. He is an active trader himself and thus he wants to share his concepts and strategies into this package. Never before has he released his trading concepts into his previous forex products.

    I like the ease of installation with Forex Espionage. It was a max 10 mins plug and play system.

    After testing Forex Espionage as much as I could, here is a summary lists of its features and strengths.

    1. It trades 24 hours a day without your intervention. It is well-coded to enter good trades and exit them fast when profits or losses are reached.

    2. Though describe as swing trading robot, it takes profits real fast. So does when it cut losses.

    3. Ease of Installation

    4. Extremely high winning probability. Probably due to a swing trading nature, it only takes the best trades.

    5. High trading frequency. It can trade ALL currencies. Thats explain why it has more trades than usual swing trading robot.

    6. Picks swing within swing. To get a high % of trades, it doesn't pick the big swings where they are rare. It picks the common found small swings within 1 big swing.

    The system is availabe now.

    ==> To know more, pls refer to our Forex Espionage Review.
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  2. FXCode

    FXCode New Member

    May 16, 2009
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    Please stop spamming with your commercial EAs. We don't waste our money on this kind of nonsense.
  3. fxprofits

    fxprofits New Member

    Dec 6, 2009
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    Any live statement or test results ?:brows:

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