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Forex Gold Trader

Discussion in 'Signal Services & Software' started by forex-tester.com, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Hi guys!

    Forex Gold Trader was released in September 2010. It works only on one currency - gold (XAUUSD).

    On the backtests it does not work on the all period of trading of Gold, but only started from 2010.02.05.. By the way, a backtests for Forex Gold Trader is very slowly and only during seven months, but it has nice trading activity, good profit and stable results. Despite the all positive sides, this expert is sensitive to the spread.


    On the forward tests it also has good results of trading!

    Website of this EA contains complete backtest results and a forward test as well. Moreover, Forex Gold Trader has a lot of trading proof and statistics from the live accounts.

    The price of Forex Gold Trader just - $97! So, for this expert, which shows good results on the forwardtests it's really great feature.

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