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Forex Humanoid - Never seen before 99% winning rate

Discussion in 'Trading Strategies & Systems' started by forextradingstudy, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. forextradingstudy

    forextradingstudy New Member

    Jan 29, 2009
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    Ok here we go again! A new forex robot called Forex Humanoid has been introduced to the forex automated trading market.

    Even before launching, multiple emails are flying in to promote this forex humanoid.

    After testing and finding so many failed automated forex trading software, I am not very keen on this forex robot, Forex Humanoid .

    Yet, when I tested it, I found the backtest results to be very interesting and different from most automated forex trading software.

    So what are the uniqueness I have found out during my experimentation with this forex automatic software, Forex Humanoid system?

    You will find out about my findings about Forex-Humanoid ea on the below statements.

    Let me talk about the profitability and success rate that this automatic forex system is capable of.

    1. The strong points or weak points of Forex Humanoid system? And how different is this forex robot when we compare with other similar version?

    It was really dull to trade with this automated trading robot machine.

    It didn't make many trades nor find any trades that comprises the profits I was looking for.

    I gotten bored and almost gave up until the market starting moving and the automated trading robot machine managed to jump into those movement.

    The account grew faster as the automatic trading system scoop up more pips among the trending movement every 4 hours.

    I think you need to have patient to trade Forex Humanoid software. Simply because it chooses the best trades to take according to its strategies.

    2. What is the winning capability of Forex Humanoid Expert Advisor?

    The automated forex trading software will strike a few consecutive wins and lose 1 trade out of 10 trades.

    The results are currently making this forex automated trading solution some of the most accurate trading software I have seen for short term trades.

    Take note that the automated forex trading software would use a larger stoploss and profit if it intends to stay in the market for longer time.

    If intraday trading was used, then the forex automated trading solution would use a smaller range for exit and profits-taking.

    3. Should I try out Forex Humanoid solution and use this forex robot to trade for me?

    If you are poor at managing your trading capital or you decide to make better utilization of your time.

    Consider using this tested and proven forex robot to diversify your trading portfolio.

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