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Forex Killer, Automated Forex Trading Signal software - forex-killer.com

Discussion in 'Signal Services & Software' started by prav, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    Forex-Killer Software by Andreas Kirchberger


    Aren`t you fed up with all those Forex E-books that promise heaven and deliver hell? Or

    even worse, ultra complicated strategies to follow, markets to analyze (talk about having

    freedom, hu?) and sleepless nights in front of the PC praying those pips would take a turn


    I definiteley was and put all my knowledge and that of several colleagues into an automated

    software that does it all. It analyzes the markets and gives you a clear buy or sell order.

    All you have to do is feed it with the necessary data. A simple 2 minute process.

    We have sold over 1000 Copies so far (in less than 2 weeks) and got hundreds of

    testimonials of people that changed their lives for the better. Its brand new and unique.

    ---------- Forex Killer Testimonials ----------------


    Those people earn thousands of dollars each month and fire their bosses. Why don`t you too?
    I urge you to take this chance asap. We are going to increase the pricing over the next

    days dramatically because right now we are practically "giving" our secrets away.

    FORGET FOREX E-BOOKS. They suck.. plain and simple. Get the software that tells you what to

    do and WHEN to do it and finally start earning the big bucks you truly deserve.

    Besides what do you have to loose? We have a full 58 days refund policy in place supervised

    by clickbank. Should you not be able to use the software (we have a bunch of highly trained

    monkeys that actually rock at it) or not be happy for whatever other case (no money to

    trade, dont like the appareance or the colors of the software) We refund you.. NO questions

    asked & no strings attached. And you are going to keep the software too!.. Heck I

    seriously think we are out of our minds :)

    Get your key to ultimate wealth now.. Download the forex-killer Now.

    Best wishes,

    Andreas Kirchberger
    Professional forex trader

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