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Forex-Metal Accepts Local Deposits in Indonesia via Fasapay

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by Mirkinbar, May 26, 2013.

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    Forex-Metal Accepts Local Deposits in Indonesia via Fasapay

    Forex-Metal, a leading online Forex and CFD broker, is pleased to announce the addition of FasaPay to the list of accepted payment methods. FasaPay is a popular online payment system, developed and supported by PT Fasa Centra Artajaya, Indonesia. FasaPay offers fast, safe and reliable transaction services for online stores, foreign exchange brokers, donation systems, and other FasaPay affiliated online businesses. The addition of FasaPay will give more payment flexibility to Indonesian forex traders because FasaPay payments can be made in USD or IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

    The transaction fee, charged by FasaPay, is 0.5%. Forex-Metal will waive fees, charged by Fasapay, for deposits of $1,000 and over. Up to 40% bonus is offered on any deposit.

    To make a FasaPay payment and to view all available payment options, please visit https://forex-metal.com/fund_transactions/new

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