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Forex Money Collector

Discussion in 'Signal Services & Software' started by forex-tester.com, Dec 9, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Hi guys,

    Forex Money Collector was released in December 2010.

    Here is some answers from the developers of Forex Money Collector:

    "Please keep in mind that our service is not an ordinary robot, meaning that it does not trade by itself, but rather it copies trades of our trader to client platforms and as a real person, he can of course adjust his trading style to current market conditions unlike the robot with a built in strategy."

    Well guys, this is something unusual...

    Why you use only demo accounts... do you have any real money accounts?

    "We trade this system on our company account, however we are trading several other manual and automatic systems which we are testing and improving on the same account so it does not make sense to show that statement, plus we don't want to disclose our other strategies. But the system shows almost the same performance as with the demo account (of course there might be a few pips better or worse entry or exit here and there), since entries and exits with this system are never made through hectic market conditions (e.g. around news releases)."

    What about backtests?

    "Since our EA is not trading by itself, it is simply copying trades made by a real person - our professional trader, there is no way how to backtest the EA itself. The strategy is in our trader's brain - hence if you want to backtest it, you would have to use his brain ;)"

    The results of forwardtest of Forex Money Collector during last two month you can find on the website!

    I've already started my forwardtest with Forex Money Collector...

    Full information about this system you can find in my review.


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