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Forex Monster - Created and Improved from 7 years of Research

Discussion in 'Trading Strategies & Systems' started by bestforexrobots, Jul 9, 2009.

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    May 6, 2009
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    The Forex Monster joins the existing group of forex trading robots.

    Is this forex trading robot going to outshine the rest? Ok now, we will review what the Forex Monster automated system has done to help us with our trading.

    So far this year, we have seen a number of automated forex trading system come and go into the forex market.So how is Forex Monster different from the other forex robots? First, Forex Monster is more of a mini-swing trading system.

    It only loves trading for the longer trend.

    Most forex automatic trading robots will take many trades in a single day and doing so with a big stoploss which is inappropiate., and one miscalculated trade can wiped out your earlier profits.

    Especially when your robot trades multiples times a day, the chances that one lousy trade will happen is so much higher.

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    Realizing the issues with scalping, The people behind Forex Monster are looking to create a forex robot that only trades when the big trend is about to happen.

    seek the bigger wins during trendy movement, it does not seek scalping opportunities like many of the other forex robots. Additional important money management guidelines are coded into the robot to protect your account.

    However, losing is part of the game, thus stoploss has to be reasonable and fixed to a good risk.reward ratio.

    The mental loss set for every trades are very reasonable.

    In addition, Forex monster will keep intra-day trades to a minimum.

    During some good movement months, the robot could be making easily 15 trades in total, and on a indecisive month, you should not expect more than 10 trades. [​IMG]

    On average, the forex robot could be making around 8 trades.

    If it opens only a few trades, this is all because of the market risk factors calculated by the robot and the potential rewards.

    The system behind this robot will only look for big wins and good trend

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