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Forex Rebates by VNchanger

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by vnchanger, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    Forex companies and brokers pay VNChanger a commission on every sale, or every trade placed on a brokerage account opened through our links. We give you cash back at the highest rate.

    Our rebate program allows you to earn back a portion of the spread you pay on each trade you make. Rebates can get as high as 0.5 pip if you consider that typical market spreads for major currency pairs vary between 0.9 and 3 pips. Here are some examples on what our rebates will do for you: Imagine receiving a 0.5 pip rebate on a trade for which you pay a market spread of 2 pip. This means that you lower your transaction costs by (0.5 / 2) * 100 = 25% ! Any Forex trader will confirm that this 25% will impact your profit margin significantly. Participating in our Forex rebate program doesn't cost you anything, you only have to indicate that you were referred by us when applying for a live account. If you plan on trading Forex anyway, then why not open up your account through us and benefit from the rebates? We have selected only high quality Forex brokers to participate in our program. By selecting one of these brokers you have a solid base for success in the Forex market. You will be trading at a top quality broker while you can keep your transaction costs low by benefiting from our rebate program!

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    Liberty Reserve

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