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Forex Strategy

Discussion in 'Fundamental Analysis' started by rozal, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. rozal

    rozal New Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    Dear all
    My experience in the forex market now over 6 years I lose thousands of $ for many reasons
    In the beginning I do not have the enough experience to know what the good position is, so I enter the market when I should not.
    I always waiting the fundamental news and go with this news and usually the market hits the small trader like us.
    I do not have goals in the market; I mean how many pips I am looking for to take profit and how many pips should I put to stop loss.
    Also many other factors I think you knowing it.
    On the other hands from three years a go I build my own strategy what is this it is very good and working with me
    The first thing I should be faster in takes the decision to enter or exit the market
    I should have my own charts and it should be strong to believe in
    I should put take profit and stop loss in my order
    I never enter the market on the days have very strong news this days I take it as my holiday
    I also have member ship in free web that gives free signals why I doing this when I want to buy eur/usd
    And these webs also give the same signals I am surer this order can giving me what I need

    There is many web giving free signals like
    Finally if all of us doing this we can always happy with this huge market
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