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Forexsig.com 5/10/2010 News

Discussion in 'Forex Daily News & Outlook' started by FoReX^ExPeRt, May 10, 2010.

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    5/10/2010 News

    European Union Approves $560 Billion Crisis Fund"

    The European Union approved a crisis fund for European economies on Sunday, calling it a "stabilization mechanism." The crisis & aid package will be available to members of the European Union for situations which may prove economically challenging or unforseen.

    The crisis fund should serve to help restore financial security thoughout European economies, which have been shaken since the Greece's bailout.

    European Central Bank officials hope that the $560 Billion now available to Europe's economies will act as confidence boosters to investors, as well as help many countries with their financial situations.

    Investors Shakey After European Economic Situation

    Despite a strong showing for U.S. Jobs information on Friday, investors seemed shakey, as stocks slid & the Dow saw a 157.19 point drop.

    The recent Greek bailout, along with indecision in the British vote & the overall economic situation in Europe, accounted for this lack of investor confidence. However, the new financial stabilization package put forth by the European Union should have a positive effect on confidence in the coming week.

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