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Fundamental Weekly Outlook, Dec 14-18

Discussion in 'Forex Daily News & Outlook' started by forexpros2, Dec 15, 2009.

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    Oct 20, 2009
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    Fundamental Weekly Outlook, Dec 14-18

    • Monday: France Current Account (Previous -3.7B, Forecast N/A). Euro-Zone Employment QoQ (Previous -0.5%, Forecast N/A) & YoY (Previous -1.8%, Forecast N/A). Euro-Zone Industrial Production MoM (Previous 0.3%, Forecast -0.7%) & YoY (Previous -12.9%, Forecast -10.8%).
    • Tuesday: France Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.1%, Forecast 0.2%) & YoY (Previous -0.2%, Forecast 0.4%). Germany ZEW Survey Economic Sentiment (Previous 51.1, Forecast 50.0), ZEW Survey Current Situation (Previous -65.6, Forecast -60.1).
    • Wednesday: France PMI Manufacturing (Previous 54.4, Forecast 54.8) & PMI Services (Previous 60.9, Forecast 60.0). Germany PMI Manufacturing (Previous 52.4, Forecast 52.6) & PMI Services (Previous 51.4, Forecast 51.9). Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing (Previous 51.2, Forecast 51.5) & PMI Services (Previous 53.0, Forecast 53.2). Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.2%, Forecast 0.2%) & YoY (Previous 0.6%, Forecast 0.6%).
    • Friday: Germany Producer Price Index (PPI) MoM (Previous 0.0%, Forecast 0.2%) & YoY (Previous -7.6%, Forecast -5.9%). France Business Confidence Indicator (Previous 89, Forecast 91). Germany IFO - Business Climate (Previous 93.9, Forecast 94.5), IFO - Current Assessment (Previous 89.1, Forecast 90.0), IFO – Expectations (Previous 98.9, Forecast 99.0). Euro-Zone Current Account (Previous 3.7B, Forecast 5.8B).

    • Tuesday: Producer Price Index (PPI) MoM (Previous 0.3%, Forecast 0.8%) & YoY (Previous -1.9%, Forecast 1.7%). Core Producer Price Index (PPI) MoM (Previous -0.6%, Forecast 0.2%) & YoY (Previous 0.7%, Forecast 0.9%). Industrial Production (Previous 0.1%, Forecast 0.5%), Capacity Utilization (Previous 70.7%, Forecast 71.1%).
    • Wednesday: Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.3%, Forecast 0.4%) & YoY (Previous -0.2%, Forecast 1.8%). Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.2%, Forecast 0.1%) & YoY (Previous 1.7%, Forecast 1.8%). Current Account (Previous -98.8B, Forecast -106.0B), Housing Starts (Previous 529K, Forecast 575K), Building Permits (Previous 552K, Forecast 570K), Fed Rate Decision (Previous 0.25%, Forecast 0.25%).
    • Thursday: Initial Jobless Claims (Previous 474K, Forecast 466K), Leading Indicators (Previous 0.3%%, Forecast 0.7%), Philadelphia Fed. (Previous 16.7, Forecast 15.8), Bernanke Confirmation Vote Held in Senate Banking Committee.

    • Monday: Tankan Manufacturers Index (Previous -33, Forecast -27). Industrial Production MoM (Previous 0.5%, Forecast N/A) & YoY (Previous -15.1%, Forecast N/A).
    • Wednesday: Tertiary Industry Index MoM (Previous -0.5%, Forecast 0.5%). Machine Tool Orders YoY (Previous -8.6%, Forecast N/A).
    • Thursday: Leading Index CI (Previous 89.7, Forecast N/A).
    • Friday: BOJ Target Rate (Previous 0.1%, Forecast N/A).

    • Tuesday: Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.2%, Forecast 0.2%) & YoY (Previous 1.5%, Forecast 1.8%).
    • Wednesday: Jobless Claims Change (Previous 12.9K, Forecast 12.5K), ILO Unemployment Rate (Previous 7.8%, Forecast 7.9%).
    • Thursday: Retail Sales MoM (Previous 0.4%, Forecast 0.5%) & YoY (Previous 3.4%, Forecast 3.7%). Bank of England Quarterly Inflation Report (Text Report).

    • Tuesday: Reserve Bank's Board December Minutes (Text Report).
    • Wednesday: Westpac Leading Index MoM (Previous 0.9%, Forecast N/A). Gross Domestic Product QoQ (Previous 0.6%, Forecast 0.4%) & YoY (Previous 0.6%, Forecast 0.7%).
    • Thursday: New Home Sales (Previous -6.0%, Forecast N/A).

    • Tuesday: Leading Indicators MoM (Previous 0.7%, Forecast N/A).
    • Thursday: Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous -0.1%, Forecast 0.3%) & YoY (Previous 0.1%, Forecast 0.8%). Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM (Previous 0.1%, Forecast 0.1%) & YoY (Previous 1.8%, Forecast 1.2%).
    • Friday: Wholesale Sales (Previous 0.2%, Forecast 0.1%)


    Fundamental analysis written by Munther Marji for Forexpros


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    Fiscal conservatives in the House, known as Blue Dogs, have said they would vote against a big increase in the ceiling unless the legislation re-enacts so-called pay-go rules, which require lawmakers to pay for any new spending proposals or tax cuts. But that proposal excludes about $3 trillion worth of policies that are likely to be extended, including the Bush tax cuts for the majority of Americans.

    That's why the House version of pay-go may be a no-go in the Senate. Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., has said he supports pay-go but not if it exempts pricey policies.

    Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of senators says it won't vote for a large debt ceiling increase unless the leadership commits to a "credible process" for reining in the country's debt.

    The senators' proposal, similar to one in the House, is to create a bipartisan fiscal commission charged with making recommendations to Congress for reining in runaway spending growth that threatens to overwhelm the federal budget. Lawmakers would be required to vote up or down on the recommendations but would not be allowed to amend or filibuster them.

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