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FX Solutions - fxsol.com

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by prav, Nov 28, 2007.

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    About FX Solutions:
    FX Solutions, LLC was founded in 2001 by two foreign exchange veterans with over 50 years combined experience. The Company is a leading online foreign exchange (forex) broker, operating as a market-maker to retail and institutional clients.


    With its focus on advanced trading technology solutions, the firm serves retail clients, white label partners, institutional trading partners introducing brokers, fund managers and their clients. Leveraging its proprietary interbank market price feed, a custom-built Global Trading System (GTS) and fully-automated customer service, FX Solutions sets high standards for execution speed, price transparency and efficient client management.

    Our clients trade the foreign exchange market via the FX Solutions proprietary Global Trading System, one of the most advanced online retail Forex trading platforms.

    Our platform empowers foreign exchange traders with flexibility and such advantages as:
    * Tight Spreads: 3-4 Pips in the Major Currencies Learn more.
    * Automated Execution: Currently, over 98.5% of all orders are automatically executed. *
    * Extensive Charting Tools: Over 150 indicators. For example, Charting with Pattern Recognition: Helps Traders Better Recognize Potential Trading Opportunities. Learn more.
    * Multiple Contract Sizes: FLEXI Contract: Choose a Contract Size that Suits Your Trading Style.
    * Multiple Leverage Ratios: FLEXI Leverage: Select Your Leverage: 50:1, 100:1, 200:1, 250:1, 300:1, 400:1 **
    * Proprietary Price Feed: Unique to FX Solutions, the price feed was developed in conjunction with Financial Labs by a team of Harvard astrophysicists. It algorithmically blends pricing from multiple data sources to determine the mid-point market price in each currency pair.

    The Company is headquartered in Saddle River, New Jersey, and serves clients in more than 140 countries.


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