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GDI Markets, Your Gateway to Global Markets - gdimarkets.com

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by prav, Jan 3, 2008.

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    GDI Markets is a boutique broker located in London’s Mayfair. Our clients are High Net Worth Individuals and Corporates who access global exchanges via our market leading platforms. We are commited to providing a personal service and each of our clients are supported by a dedicated broker who is contactable by phone or the online chat facility built directly into our trading platform.


    Our commitment to providing our clients with the best trading technology and execution is demonstrated by the numerous awards the platform has received. In order to improve our clients’ trading experience, whether it's adding new technical analyses, creating new modules that facilitate the trading of niche products, or expanding the amount of financial instruments tradable, the platforms and content are under continuous review.

    Forex at GDI Markets
    * Increase Your Investment Power.
    * Forex Options on Live, Streaming Prices.
    * World-class Risk Management with World-class Tools.

    Gold & Silver at GDI Markets
    Investors can participate in the spot commodities market directly from their desktop. GDI Trader offers 24-hour trading of Spot Gold and Silver – trade Spot Gold and Silver directly on live streaming prices. Trade:
    * Gold/US Dollar
    * Gold/Euro
    * Gold/Japanese Yen
    * Gold/Australian Dollar
    * Silver/US Dollar
    * Silver/Euro
    * Silver/Japanese Yen
    * Silver/Australian Dollar

    Stocks at GDI Markets
    * In-depth Market Insight
    * Advanced Technical Analysis

    CFDs at GDI Markets
    CFDs are stock derivatives that allow you to invest in stocks but offer many important advantages over traditional stock trading that make them ideal for taking advantage of short-term/intra-day stock movements.
    * Index-Tracking CFDs.
    * Direct Short Selling.
    * No Commissions.
    * CFDs on Live Prices.
    * Margin Trading.
    * Magnify Dividends as well as Price Movements.

    Futures at GDI Markets
    * Comprehensive Trading Resources.
    * In-depth Market Insight.


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