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Get risk down to _____ that much or forget it

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by Cyclon, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Cyclon

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    Mar 16, 2008
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    Get risk down to _____ that much or forget it

    You bet you're tired of shakeouts! And missed opportunities. I know how it goes. I was in a chat room and heard (read) a guy cussin cuz he waited around for 5 hours and didn't spot the entry and now it had moved away 500 or so pips like a rocket. OUCH!

    I had tried to tell them about the supertrade system.

    Or ever feel like this? "I swear the only reason it kept goin is cuz I did miss the chance to get in. If I had it would have come crashin back and stopped me out."

    I know everyone is so cynical about systems and bots - with good reason.

    But don't let that discourage you because I went through the same things and just happened to come up with the whole solution. Complete. This new system handles every kind of market - it's tuned just right. It won't mistake a continuation pullback for a reversal and it won't miss the real reversal.

    It will get you in (you'll know exactly where and when) so tight to the pivot you won't believe it and you'll have utter confidence to pull the trigger.

    04/28/08 Short GBP/JPY @ 208.09
    04/29/08 Long GBP/JPY @ 204.01
    Current price as I write this 04/30/08 = 207.50

    Did I just make this up? Look at these charts and then see the charts at my website. We're doing this over and over and over. Main pivot to main pivot. If I were just making this up I wouldn't be handing out Triple Money Back challenges.

    Stoplosses and last century results won't cut it. My Supertrade system solves the whole problem of risk by avoiding the shakeouts entirely and targeting the actual reversal. If you don't get risk down to _____ about that much you'll never make it.

    check it out - click the link!
    that's http://www.supertradesystem.com/cgi-bin/to.cgi?l=einvst

    Now Backed by a TRIPLE Money Back Challenge!

    NO False Signals or Triple Your Money Back

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