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GIFG (Jordan) - gifgjo.com

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by prav, Nov 28, 2007.

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    GIFG (Jordan) is a subsidiary of the ‘Geneva International Financial Group’ who has offices in London and Geneva. GIFG (Jordan) acts as a market maker for numerous trading offices within the Hashemite Kingdom.


    GIFG (Jordan) offers its individual clients and International Brokers a fully integrated online trading platform containing award winning analysis from the world’s foremost provider, a comprehensive range of tools for clients to conduct their own research on financial instruments, and simple concise account reporting features.

    Our primary aim and responsibility is to provide our clients with a world class online trading system creating the most fair and profitable investment opportunities available,

    GIFG adheres to 3 main principles:
    GIFG is committed to providing a secure confidential online trading system. All account accessing, viewing and order placements are executed using highly sophisticated and encrypted technology procedures.

    GIFG uses its experienced staff to wisely manage and assist clients in their goal of maximizing profits and minimizing trading risks, without compromising their individual views and needs.

    Our relationship with our clients has become the cornerstone of our success and growth; we shall always endeavour to build these relationships using the highest degree of market transparency and accurate information without jeopardising our quest for improvement in their financial strength and security.

    Our Geneva based entity (GIFG (Suisse) SA) is a market maker providing a highly sophisticated online trading platform encompassing the latest technology, together with world leading analysis and competitive pricing in a range of financial instruments that include spot Foreign Exchange, precious metals, IMM futures and CFD’s. GIFG (Suisse) SA is regulated by ARIF in Geneva under Swiss federal law and registered with the Swiss Commerce Register (Registration no.CHF-660-2006005-8). Our Offices are situated at 15, Rue du Cendrier (8th Floor) P.O. Box. 1106, CH-1211 Geneva 1.

    The company’s statutory auditors are Audiconsult. Russell Bedford (ARB) SA and our auditors under ARIF regulations are ANCA Fiduciare SA.

    GIFG (Suisse) SA clients have the reassurance of their deposits being held with Commerzbank in Frankfurt; an internationally recognised bank that strictly observes the stringent secrecy laws and discretionary policies associated with the highest standards required in international banking. All our client’s monies are held in a segregated client deposit account.

    Geneva International Financial Group is a market leader in providing quality trading platforms in the global financial marketplace for retail and institutional clients. In the United Kingdom, the GIFG group operates a highly professional service and administration company in Southend on Sea (at the above address), for its Swiss and Jordanian entities. GIFG (UK) Ltd forms the backbone of the Geneva International Financial Group and is staffed by experienced Foreign Exchange, Futures and Commodity trading personnel as well as administration officers who have over enormous global experience in the electronic financial markets. GIFG (UK) Ltd has a Board of Directors team that has collectively over 75 years experience in major global financial institutions. Our UK office facilitates the latest office technology and support systems to provide its clients with a rock solid platform in pursuit of perfection. The company is registered with HM Customs and Excise for Money services.


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