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How it can be managed by FXRecommends trading skills

Discussion in 'Forex Trading Room' started by fx-recommends, Jul 24, 2009.

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    By God's Will, You can join now our managing account service in an aggregated program of us. to join the managing account service, you are not obligated to pay any payment in advance or management fees. You can just open your own account by yourself at the broker that you trust and then you can send us requesting joining our managing account service.
    The starting investment amount is the investors' main decision and they should know the forex market conditions very well before starting. The investors always have a direct access to follow their own accounts at anytime and they can choose to continue or to stop in profits or loses at anytime. The investors can add more funds or withdraw some funds or quit the trading at anytime and from the money manager side, it is ok to trade as a professional expert as long as the account has followed the terms of the managing accounts.
    The trading strategies are depending on the changes of the current market sentiment which can change the best to buy and the best to sell. The sentiment can persist forming a trend and then it is preferred to use the trend following strategies and if not then it is the consolidation or the side way trading as it suits the current market sentiment in appreciation of the technical analyses and the Elliot waves theory. The issues which can contain the market sentiment can be the trade deficit which can hurt a certain currency or what can change the interest rate outlook and a lot of things which can contain the market sentiment from time to time and these can come out from data, events and then the turn of the experienced risk management comes to control the position. The weight of any trade depends on the degree of certainty caring of the market volatility to use the suitable leverage which can help to get use of the market chances giving many options to select the suitable trading strategies on the market changes.

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