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How To Benefit From A Managed Account

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by forexportfolios, Jan 27, 2010.

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    How To Benefit From A Managed Account

    Managed forex trading is extremely popular in the investment marketplace at the moment. With various investment companies offering individuals the ability to opt for a managed fund, beginners may benefit by putting their money in the hands of an experienced broker so that he or she can make the most of what they have!

    Managed forex trading accounts are accounts opened with a broker who would then manage the forex trading for the individual. Although the investor has 24 hour a day access to the funds in the account, the broker is usually granted a limited power of attorney so that he or she can use the money to trade on the investor's behalf. At no time should an investor ever be cut off from his or her money with managed forex trading.

    There are many ways to benefit from managed forex trading, but you have to participate in order to reap the rewards. Below are just a few ways in which you can benefit from managed forex trading!

    1. A broker providing a managed forex trading service will actively manage your account for you so you do not have to. Although he is acting on your instruction, you can sit back and watch how he operates, picking up tips just in case you should want to attempt it yourself in the future.

    2. In managed forex trading accounts, neither you nor your broker would have to pay any commission and this saves you money on costs as a result. This is called peak to peak management, meaning that you benefit when you profit and remain static when you do not. Commission would only be payable on profit or on a contract arrangement.

    3. Managed forex trading accounts can actually enable the broker to decrease the leverage on the forex. If the leverage level is low for your managed forex trading then the risk of losing money is lower too. You can therefore control your input and return.

    4. A managed forex trading fund is not subject to some of the rules that individuals trading are. For example, the up tick rule does not apply and thus a broker can easily establish and maintain either long or short positions in line with your wishes. This gives your investments more freedom and can boost its growth too!


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