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HPC POS Systems, Corp., (HPCS) - Mohan Wholesale Distributors Place 4-Container Purch

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    HPC POS Systems, Corp., (HPCS) - Mohan Wholesale Distributors Place 4-Container Purchase Orders

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HPC POS Systems, Corp., (HPCS), a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality incense and oils (dba House of Mohan Corporation), secured three 20 foot containers and one 40 foot container in purchase orders from four of its large east coast distributors.

    Mohan distributors carry over 3,000 different products, including Duracell, Advil, Tylenol, Kodak, BIC, Chapsticks and many other top brands. These are major distributors that qualified the Mohan incense brand as a top seller in their catalogues and inventory. PriceMaster, one of Mohan's larger New York wholesale distributors purchased, inventoried and sold three 40 foot containers of Mohan incense, and has reordered a 20 foot container due to arrive in February 2013. Mohan wholesale distributors (over 30) supply the mom & pop corner stores throughout America as well as other distributors and wholesalers, wagon jobbers, gas stations such as Exxon, Citgo, Shell, BP Amoco, Chevron and Sunoco, independent 7-Eleven stores, dollar stores, chain grocery stores, mall stores, street vendors and a multitude of retail outlets.

    Melvin W. Coles, CEO, states, "We will continue to work with the larger master distributors to sell Mohan incense to other wholesale distributors and to the major retail outlets. Mohan distributors have the sales personnel, warehouse space, inventory, and delivery trucks, i.e., the logistical systems in place, which result in a seamless integration of our product into the retail supply chain to meet the ever increasing demand for the Mohan brand."

    About Mohan Corporation. www.mohanincense.com
    Mohan Corporation is an international manufacturer and distributor of fragranced oils and incense. The company dates its origin to 1970 and supplies over 200,000 wholesale and retail outlets throughout the United States. The company has registered trademarks on over 70 fragrances and packaged designs. Mohan incense is a leader in the industry, creating top quality oils and incense made from charcoal that burns without harsh or harmful residues

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