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i advice all to read this carefully

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by rozal, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. rozal

    rozal New Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    Dear friends

    I want to write for some thing it must be known by all
    I have good experience in forex market I try almost all strategies that I read before from traders like us.
    I used many strategies like hedge strategy, FBI hedge, MACD, Ichimoku………
    I discovered some thing and I believe it that any strategy work, success and published for all by the time it will be the main factor to loose.
    Why that? Imagine all traders work by this strategy
    So I believe there is big name in market working to destroy by the time all success strategy why that
    The goals from that all small trader loosing money and these big name gain our money.
    I have question did you ask your self why some times the market moving against the high impact news and some times go a head with low impact news
    Why some times the market moved strongly with out reason
    So finally I pot very simple strategy and it working
    I depend on moving average and forex advisory web this web they have own strategy and not for published I asked them about them strategy they answered me it is not for published
    My strategy very simple when some currency cross the moving AV and I receiving signals from them on the same currency I enter the market last month I get total profit 340 pips
    I advice all not publish your strategy and if you want send it throw the private msg
    And find some forex advisory web like mine and compare between your strategy and the signals
    This is prove of my strategy
    And I receiving my magical confirm from my external experts targetforexsignals like this
    In this trade I get 75 pips profit
    I advice all trying my strategy
    My external experts are totally free

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