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Ikon forex "AUD/USD went up to above 1.0030"

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by ikonforex, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    The midterm economic prospect of the economy for RBA was quite optimistic; the forex price of AUD/USD went up to above 1.0030.

    Early in the Asia forex market on Tuesday (February 15), after the conference noting of RBA was released, the forex price of AUD/USD went up to the level of 1.0030.

    The conference noting of RBA in February indicated that the midterm of the economic expectation was that the economy would not be affected by the flood and it is predicted that the midterm economy increase speed would be higher than the current trend. The conference noting also pointed out that because of the pressure of the commerce price surged up evidently the condition for the international trade would be increased.

    The optimistic prospect on the economy for the conference noting of RBA balanced the previous statement and mild indication of the president of RBA Stevens that RBA would temporarily not take the appreciation action.

    The forex price of AUD/USD went up to above 1.0030 after the conference noting was released in the market, and at the beginning of the forex market this forex price was maintained at the fair price level above 1.000 and got an adjustment around it.

    The forex price of AUD/USD was at 1.0034/39 at 08:53 Beijing time.

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