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Ikon forex "Hong Kong major gold future contract slumped by 0.44% early on Friday"

Discussion in 'Forex Daily News & Outlook' started by ikonforex, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    Major gold future contract in Hong Kong gold exchange slightly closed low early in the forex market on Friday (December 31).

    The highest point the forex price of Gold futures in Hong Kong which was due in March 2011 was at 1409.5 US dollars per ounce, and the lowest point it reached was at 1408.7 US dollars per ounce, compared with the previous trading session the close quotation was at 1415.7 US dollars per ounce, it went down by 6.2 US dollars, the slump amount was at 0.44 percent, the unclosed positions in the previous trading session was 0 hands.

    The spot gold forex price got stabilized at below 1410 US dollars per ounce early in the Asia forex market, and in the previous trading session, the performance of the US economic basis information and the pressure it had got was not quite big, but the general trend of gold forex price in this year had already formed of strong performance. It is predicted that the annual surging amount of the gold forex price would be at 28 percent, and the annual trading line would achieve ten years of surging up in succession.
    Gold future which was due in February in COMEX was opened at 1412.2 US dollars per ounce, and the trading range in this forex trading session would be at 1403.5-1415.4 US dollars, it was finally closed at 1405.9 US dollars.

    Until 12:40 on Friday Beijing time, gold future contract in COMEX which was due in February surged up by 3.1 US dollars to 1409.0 US dollars per ounce, and the trading range in this forex trading session was at 1404.6-1409.9 US dollars per ounce.

    Edited by Laura in Ikon Group.

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