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Instantpip.com How to trade on Spike Trading Signals

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    Jan 6, 2013
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    How to trade on Spike Trading Signals

    Spike Trading Signals – Trade timings will be sent via EMAIL and on MT4
    screen 4 hours prior to the trade and trade points would be send 5
    minutes prior to the trade. Signals are always in buy stop and sale stop
    with exact entry price, stop loss and take profit. As soon as you hit
    the first TP, you can close half the position taking profit and wait for
    the next profit level. Try to trade with good lot as those are confirm
    trade signals send usually only 8-9 times in a month.

    Procedure to be followed simplified:

    Receive the trade points 5 mins. prior of its execution time

    Place the orders in pending order mode

    Place buystop, TP,SL

    Place sellstop, TP, SL

    Set the Lot as per equity.

    Clients with low equity levels may always stick to the first TP along with a trailing stop for safer execution.

    Clients with higher equity can close the trade by half the Lot of the triggered trade at 1st TP and wait for the 2nd TP to reach.

    The Trades can be placed with good Lots as either of the two signals are sure to trigger

    Cancel the trade that does not get triggered instantly after the execution of the other trade.

    The expiry time for both the signals should be 15 minutes.(cancel the orders if trades not executed within 15 mins. of expected time.)

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