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Managed Forex introducing brokers IB

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by forexportfolios, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Managed Forex introducing brokers

    Managed Forex IB Compensation
    How introducing brokers get paid for managed account business

    The diagram below shows how managed forex IB's get compensated for the managed account assets they raise.


    When an IB convinces a customer to open a managed account, the customer first opens a regular forex account and the money manager is given limited power of attorney to trade the customer's account via a specialized money management and accounting software from the forex brokerage firm.

    As a result, the managed IB's compensation consists of a percentage of the monthly profits obtained by the forex manager and a rebate or commission from the transactions that are generated in the client's account by the money manager.

    Whether your business is insurance, brokerage, or real estate - whether you run an investment advisory firm or have access to wealthy individuals, you can benefit immensely by offering forex managed accounts to your customers.

    Forex Introducing Broker Form
    Do you want to offer forex trading services and/or managed forex accounts to your customers or potential client base? Forex Day Trading is looking for qualified individuals and companies like you. The first step to get your forex business started is to fill out the Introducing Broker (IB) form below as completely as possible. Once your information is received, we will process it and contact you promptly.

    Managed Forex Accounts

    For More info about Managed Forex IB


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