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Monthly Forecasts for CFDs (October 2016)

Discussion in 'Stock Market News & Analysis' started by Currency Expert, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Dominant bias: Bullish

    AUS200 started September on a bearish note, but ended it on a bullish note. From September 1 to 13, the market dipped by 2500 points from. Since then, the market has rallied by 3300 point till date. There are Bullish Confirmation Patterns in the 4-hour and daily charts, which reveal that further northward movement is possible. Next targets are the resistance lines at 5550.0, 5650.00 and 5750.0 this month.


    Dominant bias: Neutral

    SPX500 moved sideways last month – and the bias on both the 4-hour and the daily charts is neutral. Price moved sideways in the first few days of September, and then dipped from September 9 – 11. After this, price became quite volatile and ended up consolidating till the end of the month. The neutrality of the bias is supposed to continue this month until “something’ pushes the market out of balance. The most probable direction is to the south, for the bullish trend has reached maturity.


    Dominant bias: Neutral

    The situation surrounding this market is quite similar to the situation surround the SPX500. Price moved sideways in the first few days of September, and the dipped from September 9 – 11. After this, the market was riddled with high volatility and eventually moved sideways till the end of the month. This neutral outlook may continue this month until the market starts trending seriously, which would cause a directional bias to form. The most probable direction is towards the south.


    Dominant bias: Bullish

    In spite of a serious volatility on this trading instrument, there remains a bullish indication on it. Bulls have succeeded in preventing large pullbacks in the market; plus there is a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the daily chart. The instrument may thus attain the supply levels at 10650.0, 10750.0 and 10850.0 in the month of October. The demand levels at 10180.0 and 10150.0 should resist any bearish attempts along the way.


    Dominant bias: Bullish

    FRA40 experienced extreme volatility in September 2016, which was characterized by large upswings and downswings. In spite of this, the bias on the market is bullish (though in a precarious situation). Price needs to move further upwards by at least, 1000 points, in order to showcase stronger bullishness. For this, bulls would be willing to target the supply zones at 4550.0, 4650.0 and 4750.0 this month.

    Source: www.tallinex.com

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