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MT4 Multi-Terminal

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by 5STARSFX, Feb 1, 2016.


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    Dec 2, 2015
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    MT4 Multi-Terminal

    5Stars Forex MT4 Multiterminal is ideal tool for the traders who want to handle more than one MT4 trading account from single terminal. Client can handle multiple accounts with ease, with master login and password. It will let you place market and pending orders, view live market prices and monitor all account balances and equity in real time. One single click allows multiple accounts to connect and trade at the same time. It helps you to make your account managing work less complicated. EA and indicators cannot be used because chart screen is not available in MT4 multiterminal.

    MT4 Multiterminal is available for our current clients who use either our Demo account or live account.

    Benefits of 5Stars Forex MT4 multiterminal:
    • Clients will be able to open a position in several accounts with a single click of mouse.
    • It will help to open equal position on each account.
    • Can open a position of a different volume at different accounts, depending on the current equity which each account holds.
    • It supports 128 trading accounts at the same time
    • Management and execution will be in real time
    • It provides opportunity to view every order history
    • It will help to show individual and sub account details including profits, commissions, swaps, balance and margin levels.
    • Stop loss, take profit and pending order functions are available.

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