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SAXO Capital Markets - saxobank.com

Discussion in 'Forex Broker Discussion' started by prav, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Saxo Bank is a leading Internet bank, exclusively involved in trading and investment in:
    * Forex — Saxo Bank trades 150+ Forex currency crosses, more than any other online provider
    * Contract For Difference (CFDs) stock derivatives
    * Stocks from 22 major stock exchanges
    * Futures
    * Managed funds

    Free membership of Saxo Bank
    Join hundreds of thousands of other members receiving free live trading prices, real-time charts, market analysis and information. Membership of Saxo Bank's website is free of charge and we request only a minimum of information. We offer:

    * a wealth of live market prices and charts
    * market analysis from our own in-house analysts
    * to try out our SaxoTrader online trading platform
    * streaming market news

    Employment opportunities
    We welcome applications from experienced people who have the right motivation, language skills and ability to work in a fast-moving environment.

    Facts about Saxo Bank
    * Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank officially attained European bank status in June 2001 and has rapidly risen to become a strong presence in online trading over the Internet.

    * Saxo Bank is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded by joint CEOs Lars Christensen and Kim Fournais.

    * We currently employ over 1,081 people from over 58 countries to servicing our clients all over the world — even with most of our trading being conducted online, we take pride in the level of personal service that we offer our clients.

    * We employ a number of specialists in our different trading areas and have our own in-house market analysts.

    Other information
    The following opening hours apply when shifting to Daylight Saving Time:
    * Sunday March 19th from 18:00 GMT to Friday March 24th 22:00 GMT
    * Sunday March 26th from 18:00 GMT to Friday March 31st 22:00 GMT
    * From the first weekend in April, Saxo Bank is open from Sunday 19:00 GMT to Friday 21:00 GMT

    Reuter dealing code: SAXO

    * Trading at Saxo Bank is primarily done through our SaxoTrader advanced online trading platform which was developed by our own IT department.


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