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Stocks on dimand trading, investment advice

Discussion in 'Stock Market Discussions' started by Capitalstars King, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Sep 11, 2015
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    Vijay Nagar, INDORE – 452010 M. P. India
    Markets closed or open CapitalStars Financial Research Private Limited always worried of your audience. CapitalStars takes your questions sound very seriousness, so to answer your questions we have come up with stocks on demand. Where trading and investments on your answer to every question.

    Due to the hinge-if you can’t ask questions during market open, to remove these will tangle your stocks on demand through which we will answer audience questions and more so their investments better direction. Will you answer the questions associated with these stocks Mr. Sorabh Dubey and Mr. Shivendra Pathak Expert Analyst of CapitalStars.

    CapitalStars Expert Mr. Sorabh Dubey Trading Tips on following Shares

    BF utilities hold, RS, RS 532 Stop-loss 635
    Jindal will hold saah
    SRS RS 55-56, made Finance goal, Stop-loss 24 RS
    SBI hold, RS 275, 296 Stoploss RS
    Aurbindo Pharma buy in the fall, will return

    CapitalStars Expert Mr. Shivendra Pathak Trading Tips on following Shares

    NCC stay for 5 years, will get 2 times the returns
    HCC go out, by offloading less
    Don’t buy, don’t edge limited indosolar
    Inox Wind shopping, will earn
    Surya Pharma not buy Big Pharma buy
    Ajanta Pharma buy, will lead 25-30% annually

    GST is the most important, which will determine market moves…
    Read further detailed on the slide, click here… http://goo.gl/Msb6iw

    www.capitalstars.com | T:+91-731-6790000,6669900

    CapitalStars FinancialResearchFinancial Advisory Services


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