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Technical analysis 09/12/09 of FXCBS

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by fxcbsar, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Dec 4, 2009
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    This is technical daily and provided by specialists and analysts from the company FXCBS

    Previous session overview

    The pair Euro against the U.S dollar rose during the Asian session and achieves the highest price at 1.47350 with the lowest price at 1.46680, at this time the pair trading around the level 1.4719.

    Sterling also rose against the dollar during the Asian session; achieve the highest price at 1.62880 with the lowest price at 1.61669, the pair now trading near the level 1.61956.

    Finally the pair Dollar against the yen was trading in a narrow range as the pair traded between the lowest price at 87.784 and the highest price at 88.692, the pair trading at this time around the level 87.879.

    Market Expectations

    EUR/USD :
    The pair Euro against the U.S dollar passed the support point 1.47350 yesterday and brought down to level 1.46680 , we expect today the pair will continues its down side to the level 1.46100with reference to the possibility to make corrective before continues his down side as shown by stochastic indicators.

    GBP/USD :
    The sterling against the U.S dollar achieve our goal yesterday to the points 1.62300 , we expect today that the pair will continues the falling to the level 1.61350 then to the level 1.60000 , With reference to the possibility of corrective before that as shown by stochastic indicator.

    USD/JPY :
    The U.S. dollar against Japanese yen Affected by some volatility as the trading pair is confined between the level of 88.180 and 88.690 level we expect today that the pair will rise if the four hours candle close above the level 88.550

    Ali Hasan / Senior Analyst /FXCBS

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