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Technical Outlook for Majors 09/09/2014

Discussion in 'Major Currency Pairs' started by WindsorBrokers, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    The Euro resumes downmove off 1.3992, 08 May 2014 peak, after two-day narrow consolidation followed last Thursday’s sharp fall. The price probes below 1.29 handle, psychological support / Fibonacci 161.8% expansion of the wave from 1.3699, after bull-trendline, connecting 1.2660 and 1.2754 lows at 1.2930, was taken out. Next key levels lay at 1.2786, Fibonacci 61.8% retracement of 2012/2014 1.2042/1.3992 ascend and 1.2750 zone, Mar/July 2013 lows, higher platform. Overall outlook remains bearish, however, oversold daily studies suggest that corrective actions in the near-term cannot be ruled out. Psychological 1.3000 barrier offers good resistance and caps for now.
    Res: 1.2900; 1.2920; 1.2956; 1.2987
    Sup: 1.2865; 1.2800; 1.2786; 1.2750

    Cable remains under pressure and resumes steep downleg which commenced from 1.6642, 01 Sep lower top and was accelerated by weekly gap-lower opening. The price approaches its target and psychological support at 1.6000, which also marks a mid-point of one-year 1.4812/1.7189 rally. Break lower to target 1.5967, Fibonacci 100% expansion of the third wave from 1.6642 and 1.5900, round figure support, in extension. Oversold near-term condition may show hesitation ahead of 1.6000 target, with bounces to face initial resistances at 1.6185 and 1.6230 and 1.6280 zone last Friday’ lows, expected to cap. Overall bearish structure sees the downside favored, despite oversold daily studies, as sentiment is still negative and no reversal signals being generated yet.
    Res: 1.6185; 1.6230; 1.6280; 1.6300
    Sup: 1.6062; 1.6000; 1.5967; 1.5900

    The pair remains well supported and continues to trend higher, with 106 barrier being taken out. Fresh gains post new 4-year highs, with upside targets at 107.20, Fibonacci 138.2% projection of the upleg from 100.81 and 108.28, Fibonacci 161.8% projection. Further gains are expected to open Sep 2008 high at 109.10, and lower top at 110.66, posted in Aug 2008. Initial supports lay at 105.70 and 105 zone, ahead of higher base at 104.70, loss of which will be bearish
    Res: 105.21; 105.70; 106.00; 106.20
    Sup: 105.70; 105.00; 104.70; 104.26

    Near-term structure turned bearish as yesterday’s long red candle reversal after 0.94 upside rejection, signal further weakness. Bears took out 0.9260, 03 Sep higher low and the last support on the way to 0.9237, near-term base. This level offers strong support and potential break lower would turn overall picture firmly bearish and signal resumption of larger descend off 0.9503, 01 July peak. Negatively aligned daily studies support the notion, however, consolidative action ahead of this support is expected, as near-term studies are oversold. Psychological 0.93 barrier, also Fibonacci 38.2% of 0.9400/0.9248 downleg, offers initial barrier, with extended rallies to be capped by 0.9330, to maintain negative structure.
    Res: 0.9287; 0.9300; 0.9330; 0.9372
    Sup: 0.9248; 0.9237; 0.9200; 0.9180

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