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The 4 Different Types Of Technical Indicators That You Can Use

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by painofhell, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. painofhell

    painofhell Content Contributor

    Jun 24, 2015
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    It can be quite exciting when you first start developing an interest in forex trading because once you start looking at various different price charts, you will find that there are many different technical indicators that you can use.

    There are the ones that many traders like to use, such as RSI, Stochastics, Moving Averages, etc, as well as lots more that you might not have heard of before.

    Subsequently it can be quite fun learning about each one and playing around with them because by combining a few of these indicators together, you can often come up with a workable trading strategy that is able to find lots of high probability trading opportunties.

    So to help you understand how these indicators work and what kind of information they are conveying, here is a guide to the four different types of indicators that are available:

    Trend Indicators
    It is often quite easy to determine the price trend of a given pair just by looking at the price chart, but there are lots of indicators that are designed to indicate the current trend. The simple and exponential moving averages are the ones that many traders use, but you can also use other indicators such as the Supertrend, MACD and Parabolic SAR indicators.

    These trend indicators are useful because they will help you trade in the same direction as the underlying trend, which is always the most profitable strategy. Plus they will also signal a change in trend, which will enable you to enter a position right at the start of a new trend.

    Momentum Indicators
    The price of a particular currency pair will often trend upwards or downwards for long periods of time, but it’s often useful to know the strength of a particular trend, which is why momentum indicators are very helpful.

    Examples of these indicators include RSI, Stochastics and CCI, and you will find that they oscillate from overbought to oversold as the price rises and falls. Although they are not 100% reliable, they generally indicate that the trend is starting to run out of momentum and may be about to reverse once they enter overbought or oversold territory.

    Volume Indicators
    Volume indicators are most commonly used by stock traders because it can be hard to find volume data for individual currency pairs. In addition to the actual volume indicator, there are other volume-based indicators that you can use, such as the Chaikin Money Flow and On Balance Volume indicators, but these aren’t generally shown when looking at forex pairs because the volume data isn’t available.

    So if you do want to look at the volume for a particular currency pair in order to give you an edge, you need to do some research and find a broker or a charting platform that publishes this data, and therefore has indicators based on this data.

    Volatility Indicators
    There will be times when the price of a particular pair is extremely volatile and whipsawing upwards and downwards, and there will be quieter times when the price is barely moving at all and is stuck in a narrow trading range.

    Sometimes this is obvious, but it is always useful to use one of the volatility indicators that are available because these will give you a good indication of the volatility at any given moment. The ADX and Average True Range indicators are two of the best ones that you can use for this purpose.

    Which Ones To Use
    Every trader will have their favorite set of indicators, but if you want to get a really good snapshot of the market and want to find lots of high probability set-ups, it is always a good idea to use at least one indicator from each category.

    Admittedly it is very difficult to find a volume-based indicator when trading forex, but you should definitely have at least one trend, momentum and volatility indicator displayed on your charts because this will make it much easier to come up with a winning strategy.
  2. Sharon Higgins

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    Oct 29, 2014
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  3. sininfinity

    sininfinity Trusted Member

    Apr 4, 2014
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    In this thread Top Reasons Forex Traders Fail, you mentioned trial and error is a reason for fail. There are thousands of indicators and many of them can be used in various ways. A trial and error approach might bring something useful.

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