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The equities markets are still struggling amid Chinese woes and oil free falling

Discussion in 'Current Market Sentiments' started by fx-recommends, Jan 12, 2016.

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    With no realized bottom to reach yet, the oil prices have continued its free falling for another day to find WTI trading now below $31 per barrel, after another extension to the downside below last Wednesday low.

    The US Blue chips ended their first session of the week in a mixed way, after struggling to rebound following another dovish closing of the Chinese major stocks indexes.

    Shanghai composite is still fighting now to have a place above 3000 psychological level, after breaking yesterday 3100 supporting level which could hold last week, while Nikkei 225 losses today exceeded 350 points, after closing yesterday on official vacation.

    With Nikkei 225 falling, USDJPY came again under pressure to be trading near 117.50 during the Asian session, after rebounding to 118 level from 116.67 which has been reached in the first beginning hour of the new week undermined by retreating of the risk appetite.

    While the Japanese trade balance of November came to show ¥271.5B deficit, after ¥200.2B surplus in October, with current account surplus in November by ¥1,143.5B, while the market was waiting for ¥858.5B, after ¥1,458.4B in October.

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