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The Only Way To Day Trade..

Discussion in 'Commodity vs Dollar' started by capitalstars05, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Sep 26, 2014
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    There are four cardinal principles which should be part of every trading strategy. They are:

    1) Trade with the trend,
    2) Cut losses short,
    3) Let profits run, and
    4) Manage risk. You should make sure your strategy includes each of these requirements for success.

    Trade with the trend relates to the decision of how to initiate trades. It means you should always trade in the direction of recent price movement.

    Mathematical analysis of commodity price data has shown that these price changes are primarily random with a small trend component. This scientific fact is extremely important to those desiring to pursue commodity trading in a rational, scientific manner. It means that any attempt to trade short-term patterns and methods not based on trend are doomed to failure. It also explains why day trading is darned difficult and why almost no day trader is a long-term success.

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