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The World Money Show - February 4-7, 2009

Discussion in 'Expos & Conventions' started by prav, Dec 17, 2008.

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    The World Money Show - Feb 4 2009 - Feb 7 2009
    At Gaylord Palms Resort & Conventional Center - ORLANDO, FL.

    2009 Investing in Crisis and Recovery
    Many investors have profited from advice provided by this year’s speakers. In 2004, economist and keynote speaker Gary Shilling warned investors of a sub-prime-fueled housing crisis and in 2007 stated, “US prices will fall, perhaps below the 2002 lows, in the midst of a major recession.” The World Money Show is the only place you’ll meet, hear from, and find out how to profit from leading experts.

    By Moneyshow.com

    For More Info>> Click Here
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