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These are the day trading of US Q3 GDP 2009

Discussion in 'Current Market Sentiments' started by fx-recommends, Nov 2, 2009.

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    These are the day trading of US Q3 GDP 2009 first reading release which has come up yearly by 3.5% and the market was waiting for just 3.2% linked to http://www.fx-recommends.com/fxrecommends.html at trading skill details number 71.

    You can see step by step how the risk has been taken by the data and after it on the market discounting and the change of this discounting after the data which could change the current market sentiment but on speculation that these data will have a short lived impact as it is a lagged counted indicator and the market should turn back to its latest pricing which was already negatively impacted by the weak consuming confidence figure of October 2009 which is always read as a key leading indicator of the demand and the current recovery pace.

    Having the capability to identfy the current market discounting degree by the data and after is essential for trading these data and its consequences on the market pricing in appreciation of the technical studies for choosing the best to buy and the best to sell in the best timing using the trading skills and market experiences.

    For joining the managing account service, you can just send your request to mail@fx-recommends.com and god willing, we can help you to choose your broker and open your own account offcially and easilly, if you do not have a valid working account at a well-trusted broker. The target of this new managing account program is from 5% to 10% monthly on 20% performance fees of the net profits monthly from November 2009.

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