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TradeView Forex Online Currency Trading - tradeviewforex.com

Discussion in 'Metatrader brokers' started by prav, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    Tradeview Forex was founded on a very simple principle: No compromises. Rosenthal Collins Group has an almost century old legacy of providing excellence to its clients. As a division of RCG, Tradeview Forex provides the same level of service with premium options for Forex traders. Our strength and success comes from sharing the same values as our clients.


    We believe in providing the absolute best service in the industry, which means 24 hour trade support, and streamlined administrative procedures to ensure your needs are met with speed and accuracy. We also strive to provide the absolute cutting edge in trading technology, so that you have a trader’s view of the market. Most importantly, when you open an account with us, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funds are held by a firm who has an exemplary record with the NFA – the direct result of our commitment to transparency, and adhering to the regulatory requirements of this industry.

    Our free trading software gives you the edge in execution, market information, and account management. Below are the characteristics of our products:

    * All-in-one trading and charting software package
    * Learn for FREE - 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!!
    * EASY TO USE!
    * 24 hour access
    * Instant trade execution
    * Available in 14 languages
    * MQL4 automated trading and expert advisors
    * Historical charting data with various timeframes (minutes-years)
    * Over 30 included technical indicators
    * Trailing stops
    * Email and text message alerts
    * Confidentiality of your trades
    * Unparalleled trade support
    * NEW!!! ---view account statements on the web!

    MT4 Trading Terminal
    MT4 is a server-based trading platform that takes online trading to all new levels and provides everyone with new profiting possibilities. MT4 possess a powerful, easy to learn programming languages MQL Using this language, you can create custom trade strategies, indicators, automate strategies or trading systems and scripts. Expert advisors can analyze the situation on the market, make decisions, put pending orders, and open positions in on-line mode without trader's participation.

    MetaQuotes language editor (MetaEditor)
    MetaEditor is built into the MT4 platform and highlights different constructions of MQL programming language and is used for writing the program code. It helps users easily orient themselves in the system text. Use MQL editor language dictionary as a help system for MQL language. Built in users guide contains functions divided into categories, operations, reserved words, and other language constructions and allows finding the description of every element used. To access MQL editor download the MT4 platform above and chose MetaQuotes language editor from the tools on the main menu.

    Mobile trading (m-trading)
    Controls trading account via mobile devices such a cellular phone or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).Wireless access technologies and GPRS provide access to the Internet.

    Mobile Trader CE
    Mobile trader CE program is a full-function mobile trading terminal. You will have full access to making deals from anywhere of the world.

  2. JR-Welling

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    MT4 on my BlackBerry now I surely need glasses.

    Although it would be handy.
  3. dianamonte03

    dianamonte03 New Member

    Jun 29, 2010
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    As a Forex trader, I assure you that the account at Tradeview Forex is ideal for anyone looking for the advantage of cutting edge technology. This is of course with the understanding and customer care of a smaller firm. It is very good especially for the beginners.
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