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Trading products – Huge range of product at 55tars Forex

Discussion in 'EIF Community Discussions' started by 5starsforexltd, Jan 28, 2016.

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    Aug 12, 2015
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    Trading products – Huge range of productat 55tars Forex
    The key to investing and building your financial future is having access to the right financial products. At 5Starsforex, we understand the importance of having access to a mix of different products. With a mixture of powerful financial products and our dedication to providing you with real-time pricing information, it’s easier than ever to make smart investment decisions and to trade the world. All of our clients benefit from our Negative Balance Protection platform as well, so you never need to worry that you’ll lose more money than you originally invested.
    With our forex products, you can build your financial future based on the global currency market with as low as zero pips. Our CFDs offer precision-timed investment options, and our stock and bond products let you buy into the right companies at the right time. Indices and commodities round out our product offerings, ensuring the ability to trade the world in the way that’s right for you and your portfolio.
    At 5Stars forex, we give you the ability to trade the world through the investment method, or combination of methods, right for your specific situation. We work with both retail and institutional clients, and pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high quality financial products.
    Today’s investors require access to an ideal mix of products in order to maximize their profitability and success. That’s what we deliver.

    Forex – The forex market is one of the only 24-hour a day markets in the world, and there’s always currency being bought and sold in various global marketplaces. Trade with the lowest spreads in the industry.

    Commodities– Commodities have been a vital investment method for a very long time, and we provide you with access to soft goods, grains, energy commodities and metals, all with tight spreads for maximum profitability.

    CFDs – Futures investing is a dynamic market, and allows you to benefit from no daily adjustments to your position, or overnight financing costs. Futures contracts expire on a set date, when all open positions are automatically closed at the official closing price.

    Indices– Our indices are structured similarly to our CFDs and expire on a specific future date. We offer tight spreads on all of our indices, all within major global markets.

    Metals - Contracts for difference (CFDs) are derivatives that allows clients to trade in a wide variety of financial instruments

    Vanilla Options - Precious metals are the most common shelter alternative for Investors in moments of economic uncertainty.

    At 5Stars forex, we ensure that you’re able to trade the world with the ideal mix of financial products for your immediate needs and your future goals. Whether you prefer commodities, CFDs, stocks, indices or to trade FX, we connect you with real-time pricing and the ability to easily manage your investments through a variety of different platforms and technologies. In addition, we go above and beyond by providing our investors with the education and knowledge necessary to make those decisions comfortably. Your success is our goal.

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