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UWC Contest!!!!!

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by uwcfx, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. uwcfx

    uwcfx New Member

    Apr 14, 2010
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    I’d like to inform of the start of a new contest from United World Capital.

    It will be a Demo accounts contest – “No Restrictions”.

    United World Capital Limited invites all traders to participate in demo accounts contest. You need to be a company’s client and have a verified trading account with us.

    Contest begins every week on Monday at 01:00:01 (terminal time) and ends on Friday at 22:59:59 (terminal time, GMT+2).

    Contest results will be summed up on Friday next after finish of the current stage (terminal time, GMT+2).


    Total amount of prize is 600 US dollars.
    1st place – 300 US dollars
    2nd place – 200 US dollars
    3rd place – 100 US dollars

    Date of Contest (all times are in terminal time, GMT+2)

    Previous Contests

    Current Contest
    registration: 12 Apr - 16 Apr
    competition: 19 Apr 01:00:01 - 23 Apr 22:59:59 (in process)

    Next Contest
    registration: 19 Apr - 23 Apr (in process)
    competition: 26 Apr 01:00:01 - 30 Apr 22:59:59
  2. uwcfx

    uwcfx New Member

    Apr 14, 2010
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    Name of Contest: "No Restrictions" (referred to as "Contest")

    Contest type: Contest runs in 1-week periods

    Contest organizer: United World Capital Limited, (referred to as "Organizer")

    Timeframe: Contest begins at 01:00:01 every Monday (terminal time) and ends at 22:59:59 on Friday (terminal time, GMT+2).

    Contest results will be regularly summed up every Friday after a 1-week-long Contest stage has ended (terminal time, GMT+2).

    Participation in Contest

    * Eligibility to participate only possible for UWC clients with verified trading accounts and after filling in an application to enter the Contest.
    * Both natural persons and legal entities may participate.
    * Participants must be at least 18 years old.
    * Participant must register on UWC website and open a separate demo account.
    * Only one (1) entry per participant and only one (1) demo contest account is allowed during the Contest.
    * All information provided by Contest participant must be valid.
    * Organizer has the right to decline participant’s registration without any previous explanation.

    Contest trading conditions

    Every participant has their own demo account to which the following trading conditions are applicable:

    * Account Type: demo
    * Deposit Currency: USD
    * Start Deposit: 10,000
    * Leverage: 1:500
    * Minimal Contract: 0,01 lot
    * Maximal Contract: 10000 lot
    * Instruments available for trading: ALL
    * Advisors: can be used
    * SWAP: SWAP-free
    * Stop Out Level: 10%
    * Restriction for the number of simultaneously opened trades: no restrictions

    Contest participants agree to accept and follow General Business Terms and Contest Regulations while performing account operations.

    Contest winner

    A Contest winner is a participant who has the biggest trading balance on their account by 22:59:59 every Friday (terminal time, GMT+2). All trades will be automatically closed at the last price of the corresponding instrument by the time of Contest termination.

    United World Capital Limited shall not disclose any personal data of Contest participants without contestants' previous consent. Rating table available for free access will only contain account number, country of residence and current account balance.

    By entering the Contest, participants agree to submit their real name and recent photo (JPG format) in case of being among the first 3 Contest winners. Participants also agree to submit a brief contest testimonial describing their experience/opinion about the Contest. Prizes shall be withdrawn from the trading account as soon as contestants agree to UWC publishing their real names, photos and testimonials under "Company News".


    Total amount of prize: 600 USD.

    1st place – 300 US dollars
    2nd place – 200 US dollars
    3rd place – 100 US dollars

    If two or more participants obtain the same results and are eligible to receive the prize, each of them will receive the same prize amount. Prizes are deposited to Contest winners' trading accounts within max. 5 business days after the end of the Contest.

    Prizes can be withdrawn from the trading account in accordance with the General Business Terms at Contest winners' earliest convenience and by any convenient method.
    Participants' disqualification

    Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any contestant in the course of the Contest by explaining the reason for doing so.

    The reasons for disqualification may be the following:

    * Justified suspicion that participant trades on more than one account
    * Violation of Contest Regulation
    * Violation of General Business Terms or other regulating documents

    Disputable situations

    In case of any technical errors, including trading server or connection failure, or any other errors of technical nature, only claims related to GTC (good till cancel) orders execution will be considered. This also applies to stop-loss orders. In case of non-market quotations (spikes), trades carried out using the non-market prices shall be cancelled.


    Neither employees of United World Capital Limited nor their family members are permitted to participate in the Contest.

    All issues that are not directly or indirectly described in current Regulations should be conducted according to the General Business Terms and other UWC regulation documents.

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