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Whether I Win Or Lose A Trade…

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by Currency Expert, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Experience is the best teacher. Negativity in trading is compared to temporary setbacks in real life: it exists so that you can become a better trader. Losing streaks are equivalent of transient disappointments that celebrities face in their careers. They simply enable you to become an efficient risk manager. There are many life examples that can be compared to trading. Do you know that you need to be determined enough to surmount any challenges you might encounter in the markes?. Uncertainty will forever be our source of wealth! Do you know that you need to believe in yourself? You’re never doomed to failure in the markets. You just need to work hard enough until you reach the stage of trading effortlessly (after your past errors have turned you into a general of the financial markets). Can you do this? Do you agree with me? If you can, your dreams would be achieved ultimately.

    “You can’t change what you can’t face and you can’t face what you don’t know.”— Dr. Woody Johnson

    Whether I win or lose a trade, trading is my profession and it’s what I like to do. Great people have always faced challenges and failures – yet they become great. The past failures and challenges in the markets are never a deterrent to me. Markets wizards today were novices in the past. The road to success is bumpy indeed. Nevertheless, the resplendent reward of consistent success makes the pain of the past pale into insignificance. Whenever I visualize the joy of success, the glory of breakthrough, the pleasure of financial freedom, the luxury of attainment of goals – the benefits in trading are worth the sacrifices inherent in it. I’ll continue to move on.

    Whether I win or I lose a trade, I’m still a trader and I’ll be a trader for as long as I live. A balanced trading life doesn’t preclude a normal person from having fun from other aspects of life. Trading is a holistic way of life: it’s a journey to self discovery. A successful trader is someone who’s won one of the life’s most crucial battles. Successful traders worldwide, I salute you! You’re heroes and heroines indeed! You’ve discovered your true self. You’ve conquered your negative personality.

    Whether I win or I lose a trade, I’ll never quit. Losers and winners are normal part of the game. I was downtrodden and hopeless on the markets in the past, but I experienced a turnaround once I got to know the tips and tricks for survival on the markets, and I’m disciplined enough to follow them. Yes a trader may say he’s surviving the markets instead of saying that he’s successful. I was lucky to come across those with the right thoughts on the markets. For two real traders, there are ninety trading charlatans. There are too many crooks out there – too many wolves in sheep’s clothing. But I can’t be deceived anymore. I’m free from all their lies and marketing traps. I’m free!

    “If you ever find yourself in the middle of a bumpy road in trading or in life, stay encouraged. You will make it to the peak if you realize that the valley is NOT your permanent address. Never forget, to become a butterfly, you must want to fly so badly that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. Growth and change always go hand-in-hand with failure and fear. If you approach failure and challenges with a positive attitude, you will see how quickly you can use failure to achieve success.”— Sam Seiden

    Whether I win or lose a trade, I’m on my journey to trading mastery. Why won’t a warrior constantly pray for opportunities to show her or his prowess? I’m glad to be an experienced soldier on the battlefield of the financial markets. A soldier I am, yet I’m still learning. I’ll be a learning soldier forever, for the market is a complex thing. Trading being the second most stress-related job in the world, second only to disarming live nuclear weapons, can be approached with stress-reducing tactics. There are normal reactions to stress and these I know. Stress, just like risk, can be managed successfully.

    Whether I win or lose a trade, I won’t show any infantile reactions. I can be encouraged by a good trade, but I won’t be discouraged by a bad trade. Some others may abandon this way of life, but I won’t. People’ negative thoughts and comments on trading aren’t a headache to me. The outside world is very hard – harder than we may think. I’ll let go of the past and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Trading is my niche; I’m comfortable with it. If you invest the time in becoming an expert then the financial reward can be huge. I’ll continue following the simple time-tested winning strategies. What benefits can you derive from an excellent speculation strategy if you fail to stick to it consistently irrespective of alternative winning and losing streaks?

    Whether I win or I lose a trade, I’ll be a successful trader. I’m just desperate enough for success (badly desperate) or I can say that those who’ve quit trading weren’t desperate enough for success. I’m aware that nothing in the market is ever perfect; no Golden Goose method of making money. Nevertheless, I’d like to declare, without mincing words, that the probability of survival is strong if a positive expectancy speculation method is used regularly with self-control.

    Whether I win or lose a trade, trading is an exciting world – a world of unlimited opportunities. Believe it or not, I’m moving up gradually higher and so you can. The me I see is the me I’ll be. Welcome to the world of financial freedom.


    This article is concluded with a quote from Ken Long: “(When it comes to trading mastery) You already have the mastery within you, waiting to be called forth… Mastery is walking the path, not the destination. Should you choose to walk it each and every day, what will you find?”

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