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Why Trade?

Discussion in 'Forex Beginner Q&A' started by Currency Expert, May 13, 2015.

  1. Currency Expert

    Feb 14, 2014
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    “Markets are simply the markets. They move up, down and sideways with or without you. I don’t believe they are out to get you or give you anything. They just do what they like. Your job, if you want to succeed, is to assess conditions and align with trends.”– Mike Melissinos

    Why trade? Have you ever asked yourself a question like this? If so, you aren’t alone. True, when it comes to trading, some people say: “I’m too busy to trade.” “Trading is too hard.” “I’m wary of the risk in trading.” Success isn’t an easy thing in all areas of life; including trading. Many people have heard about trading and they’re yet to start trading because they think it’d be difficult for them to succeed. But others take a different view. They welcome the opportunities to face the challenges trading offers.

    Perpetual success is possible in the markets. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it.

    You can decide to start practicing with demos and then go live, with the hope of attaining eventual financial freedom. Or you can decide to let your life and survival be determined by your employer, who probably sees you as a minion that can be discarded and replaced at will. This is how most employers see their employees; or how do you think your employer sees you?

    Successful traders are ordinary human beings like you. But unlike many people who want to remain in their comfort zone, maintaining perpetual oblivion, some decided to get their feet wet. When they saw that trading is full of obstacles, they put in the necessary effort to become profitable and their effort ultimately paid off.

    As a successful trader, a friend of yours may come for help, and it’s nice if you can offer help. But, sometimes the best way to assist a friend is to help him realize that he can help himself.

    “I slowly came round to the understanding that being smart was not always the best characteristics to be a good trader. The main things I did was to understand how I felt most comfortable trading and stick to that, as long as it made me money it didn’t have to be the smartest, best or even most respected trading system… It was all about the profit and loss (P&L).”– Steve Ruffley (Source: TRADERS’ February/March 2015)

    Source: www.tallinex.com
  2. vic84

    vic84 New Member

    May 23, 2013
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    There are always many speculations on trading is a sensible job or its all fake. According to me it depends on the experience a trader had while trading, if somebody got a bad broker then for him forex market is of no use, and on the other hand if somebody starts earning then for him its the best job.

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