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Wild Card Gold 17 Sep 2009

Discussion in 'Major Currency Crosses' started by forexqs.blogspot.com, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Aug 20, 2009
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    Wild Card Gold 17 Sep 2009

    Thursday, 17 Sep 2009
    USD Continues Decline; Slow Economic Recovery Expected

    With recent fears over inflation and fiscal deficits, the market surprisingly appears calmer than it should be. The USD has continued its decline, suggesting that either faith in the American economy is fleeting, or investors are increasing their risk appetite and dumping US Treasuries. Either way, the decline in the value of the USD has helped boost energy prices and fueled export growth worldwide. Economic recovery seems to be underway, but many caution that it will still be a long and bumpy ride

    The Wild Card

    This precious metal's sustained upward movement has resulted in its price floating in the over-bought territory on the 4-hour and daily RSI, suggesting significant downward pressure ...read more.

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