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Windsor Brokers - Short Term Technical Analysis for Majors (14:00 GMT)

Discussion in 'Major Currency Pairs' started by WindsorBrokers, May 16, 2011.

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    Extends bounce from fresh low at 1.4046, currently attempting at 4-hour 20 day MA at 1.4190. Break here is needed to resume recovery and expose 1.4240/60 next, with only break above 1.4338 to open way for stronger correction. Otherwise, see scope for lower top and extension of broader downtrend. Below 1.4046 turns focus at 1.4020, possibly 1.3980 on a break.

    Res: 1.4200, 1.4224, 1.4260, 1.4300
    Sup: 1.4128, 1.4090, 1.4078, 1.4046



    Trades in a consolidative mode after hitting fresh low at 1.6145 last Friday, with near-term studies pointing higher. Immediate barrier lies at 1.6230, ahead of 20 day MA, currently at 1.6280, where bears should re-assert for continuation of the broader downtrend. Only break above 1.6320 would signal temporary low at 1.6145 and open way for further retracement of 1.6516/1.6145 descend.

    Res: 1.6230, 1.6286, 1.6300, 1.6320
    Sup: 1.6160, 1.6145, 1.6100, 1.6090



    Comes under renewed pressure after bounce from 80.33 higher low stalled on attempt to break above 81.00 barrier and being capped by 20 day MA. Holding below 81.00/33 keeps the downside in focus, with loss of 80.33/15 is needed to signal fresh weakness under way. Lift above 81.33, current range ceiling, would signal fresh phase higher and extension of recovery attempt from 79.55.

    Res: 81.06, 81.33, 81.68, 81.84
    Sup: 80.71, 80.62, 80.47, 80.33



    Reverses sharply after failure to clear 0.8940 resistance, losing 0.8900/0.8850 supports and running towards strong support at 0.8796. Hourly studies are deeply in oversold zone, suggesting correction. 4-hour conditions, however, see room for further decline, with immediate risk at 0.8796, also Fib 38.2% of 0.8550/0.8944 ascend, loss of which would open way for deeper correction. On the upside, regain of 0.8900 is needed to improve near-term tone.

    Res: 0.8870, 0.8900, 0.8944, 0.8960
    Sup : 0.8824, 0.8815, 0.8796, 0.8750


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