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Yalicoo Forex Trading (REVIEW)

Discussion in 'Forex Discussions' started by ironman2000, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    About Yalicoo

    What is Yalicoo

    Yalicoo's unique platform offers professional, educational and entertaining online virtual stock trading competitions. You can win real monetary prizes, learn in real time from winning strategies of the top performers and view real time stock quotes.
    Our Mission:

    To create an exciting financial arena, for investors of all levels, where subscribers share their know-how and best performers win cash rewards.

    What is Special about Yalicoo
    • Win substantial cash prizes for creating winning portfolios, up to $15,000 first prize for the quarterly competition.
    • Benefit from real time stock quotes and financial information.
    • Trade in real time as our trading platform is based on real time information updated continuously directly from stock exchanges around the globe.
    • Improve your skills by following the leading subscribers on the site - you can actually see EVERY single move other traders are doing (just with a small five minutes delay to allow leaders to maintain their advantage).
    • Find the subscribers you like best and follow their investing strategies as all subscribers are ranked based on their performance.
    • Enjoy our expert analysis of winning strategies.
    • Learn and share with the Yalicoo community.
    • Expand your knowledge of international stocks by joining an international stock exchange simulation (coming soon).
    • Choose the durations that meets your investing preferences (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly).
    Who we are

    Yalicoo is headed by a group of business executives who live the internet and love financial markets. We have rich experience in this field. Yalicoo is a privately held company which is owned and operated by Enelita Ltd., a registered company located in Cyprus.

    Why we charge an entrance fee
    • An entrance fee allows us to fund significant prize payout to the winners so that we attract the best investors for the benefit of the entire Yalicoo community.
    • The site is commercial and advertising free -- charging a fee allows us to operate Yalicoo without relying on advertising.
    • Offering real time stock quotes (not the customary twenty minutes delayed quotes) involves substantial payments to the stock exchanges and data providers for each subscriber.
    • An entrance fee allows us to offer free games to the top performing 10% of our players that did not win a cash prize (free games for our subscribers still involve stock exchange and data fees for us)
    Full and complete transparency
    We have a clean site and there are no tricks or gimmicks. The competition winners and their strategies are transparent for everyone to observe. There is always a winner and cash prizes are awarded to the first, second and third place. There is no minimum number of competitors. All top performing 10% of the players per competition that did not win a cash prize will receive a free game.

    Security and privacy

    Yalicoo is committed to protecting our players' personal information and keeping it confidential and secure. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure sensitive data is transferred in the most secure manner over the internet to our servers, which are protected by the most up-to-date firewall. We will not sell or provide any information to any 3rd party providers.

    What does Yalicoo mean

    Our site is named after Yael Yardeni who was nicknamed Yalicoo. Yael was a beautiful 16 years old girl with a great heart and soul when she was taken from us in a car accident. This web-site is in her memory. We will donate 1% of our profits to organizations that support the fight against car accidents.

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